Founder - Wendy Chung

Cape Town, South Africa

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home.”

- James A. Michener

Like many others, I love the adventure of exploring and experiencing the world.

Each place has something vastly unique either with landmarks, history, nature or the surroundings. But what I love the most during my travels is the people I meet.  Whether it is meeting the locals or other fellow travellers – they inspire and broaden my mind. Their cultures and traditions can be very different from place to place, but human kindness and the desire to share their stories are the most profound to me.

Thanks to my family, I’ve had the opportunity in living in a few countries. I was born in Taiwan, raised in South Africa and now in Canada for more than a decade. I also had an opportunity to backpack through Far East Asia as a solo traveller. Many local families graciously invited me to eat with them. It was in their kitchens that I learned about their history, heritage, and culture. During dinner we connected through sharing their local dishes, and I gained a better understanding of their world. The experience also reminded me of my grandfather’s home cooking which was always a comfort to me. Combining the memories of my grandfather’s homemade cooking, and the connection I made with others while traveling; I created Culture.licious – a cultural cooking event school. 

I have two aspirations for Culture.licious. First, through our “Master Cooks” we can learn about their countries, personal stories, and bring their authentic ethnic home cooking into many equally diverse Canadian homes. Second, to empower our ethnic community to pursue leadership roles in becoming ambassadors of their own countries and proudly share their talents. 

Come and embark on a culinary journey with us – to “Discover the world, one kitchen at a time!”